What Sets Us Apart

What is a hybrid marketing agency?

We consider ourselves a “hybrid marketing agency”. This means that we provide both traditional and digital marketing under one roof. Traditional marketing is things like branding, logos, graphic design, printing, signs, apparel and promotional products. Digital marketing is things like websites, social media and SEO.  The benefits of being a hybrid agency is that we have a big picture view of your business so all of your marketing is consistent and works together. Whether your business focuses on traditional or digital marketing or a combination of both, you can see the importance for your brand to make sure you have branding consistency across all forms of marketing.

Another benefit to working with a hybrid agency like ours is that we understand what type(s) of marketing works best for our clients’. This is beneficial because we help make sure your marketing dollars are spent on things that will give you a high return and help you reach your goals. Alternatively, if you work with an SEO company, they are going to tell you that that is the best type of marketing, no matter what your industry. If you work with a newspaper sales person, they are going to say the same thing. We help look at all of the options with our clients so that they aren’t wasting money going down rabbit trails.

Top-Down vs. Product-First Philosophy

We also see ourselves as a “top-down” agency which means that we look at your business from a marketing perspective first and then we produce the products to fit. There needs to be a purpose and a plan for design and branding and then the products should follow that plan, not the other way around. A Product-First philosophy is selling the product/service and then if someone asks for design, you provide that. This often doesn’t take into account things like market research, design/branding research, color theory, etc.

On the other hand, we have plenty of clients who start with us as just because they need a certain type of product – design, printing, websites, signs, promotional products, apparel, etc. As we do a good job for their product needs, they being to trust us with more and more products and start trusting our marketing expertise as well. There is never any pressure to setup a marketing plan or consulting through us but our philosophy for our business impacts even the smallest product-first jobs.

In House vs. Partnerships

We produce a lot of our products in-house. Since the beginning we have produced signs and screen-printing in-house. We have in-house graphic design and website development as well. In October 2015, we purchased an embroidery business that has been around for over 25 years, so we added that to our in-house offerings as well.

For any other products/services, we have found partnerships that we trust and value so that we can continue to provide you the best quality products while keeping our prices competitive. We have developed such good partnerships with these partners that it is basically the same as having these services in-house.

Small Quantities vs. Large Quantities

We understand what it is to be a small business and so we have created flexibility for many of our products on quantity. We have some unique methods, especially for apparel and signs, that can give our customers good value for both small quantities and large quantities. Obviously, larger quantities are always a better cost-per-item but some of our clients simply do not need 100 real estate signs or 1000 t-shirts. We understand the  small business market and tailor our offerings to that end. We have some really unique, creative and out-of-the-box offerings that our clients value.

Local vs. Nationwide

We have always enjoyed a great local presence in the community but also have clients all over the nation. Our products and processes make it simple to do work for small and medium businesses all over the country. We’ve even done some work outside the lower 48 and internationally – Alaska, Greece, Kazakhstan, Uganda, Tanzania


We LOVE working with small businesses. Our clients feel like family. We feel like we can’t do our best for your company/organization unless we really know you and your business. The more we work with you and the more we get to know you, the better our recommendations and products can be. We believe that small business is a value to the health of the nation.

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