Corporate Responsibility

As a marketing company, we understand that our industry can be very wasteful, especially when you think of the cheap China-made giveaways that are shipped across the seas to then be thrown into a landfill after a single use. We think of ourselves as  a different kind of marketing company and wanted to share some of those reasons with you:

Environmental Responsibility

Promotional Products
We feel that your reputation with prospective customers can be directly influenced by how well you do your marketing. That philosophy carries over in many different facets but especially in promotional products. We believe that if you don’t pick quality giveaways that people will use over and over again (whether that is pens, apparel, drinkware, etc.) then you are wasting money, hurting the environment and not portraying responsibility as a company. We’ve all read a bunch of stories about plastic straws filling up our landfills. What about cheap bank pens?

We have a full-service sign facility in-house. We use an eco-solvent printer, which uses eco-friendly inks. We also reduce, reuse and recycle as much of our sign product/supplies as possible. When possible, we try to reskin signs so they can have a second (or 5th) life.

We have done 99% online billing for over 10 years. We also try to pay as much of our own bills online as well so we’re not wasting paper checks. We recycle all of our cardboard that is at the end of its life but until then, we reuse boxes like they’re going out of business.

Apparel Suppliers
There are a lot of irresponsible apparel suppliers – both socially and environmentally. We do our homework and use the suppliers who also are invested in corporate responsibility and we try to push people towards responsible products.

Our new favorite t-shirt supplier, who produces their shirts in Haiti, works with the community to educate and train young Haitians in textiles so they can be earning a living wage, AND each shirt is made with 6 recycled water bottles and organic USA grown cotton. The part that I get most excited about when those shirts end up in the landfills (after years of use, of course!), they biodegrade in 1-2 years, versus 15+ years for a standard water bottle.

Our main apparel supplier is also committed to corporate responsibility. Their responsible sourcing program promotes worker well being (both in the U.S. and in overseas manufacturing), support vibrant communities and reduce their environmental impact. They are a member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC), a group of nearly 200 global brands, retailers, manufacturers, government, non-profit environmental organizations and academic institutions committed to improving supply chain sustainability in the apparel, footwear and textile industries.


Social Responsibility

We touched on some of the social responsibility initiatives of some of our favorite suppliers. We are committed to using companies that take care of their employees and their communities. We partner with a lot of local and national organizations that are improving our community and the lives therein. We offer discounts and donations when we can.

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