Emails are not getting delivered

If you are having trouble with your emails not getting through to the recipients, there are two likely issues that could be causing the issue.

Emails are bouncing back

When you send an email from your account, you may get a “bounce” message returned to you from “Mail Delivery System”, with the subject “Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender”. Take a look at the error message to learn more about why the email bounced. The most common reason is a misspelling of the recipient’s email address. If the error message is something different and you would like for our support team to look into the issue further, please forward the bounced message to us complete with the error message and we can take a look!

Emails are going to spam

Are you finding that emails are going to spam folders of your recipients? Contact us with the date and time sent, and the email address of the recipient and our support team can investigate further.

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