I just found out about this great new advertising medium – Gobza.com.  Basically it is an alternative to Seize the Deal or Groupon.  Those companies give great coupons to their customers but the problem is that it costs the advertiser a lot of money.  They are not only discounting their services a bunch but then they only receive 50% or so of the sales.

Gobza is different.  You make 100% of the sales but they add something like a finder fee to every coupon.  So lets say you would like to offer a coupon for $25 off one of your services.  You decide how much that coupon is worth (let’s say $2.50) and people can buy that coupon for $2.50.  That $2.50 is how Gobza makes their money.  That is a pretty great way to advertise.  And it will create a bunch of great GobzaOffers because you make more on each offer.

But it actually gets better.  Gobza developed an intricate tracking system (kind of like MLM but without the risk).  Gobza.com shares a percentage of its revenue its customers.  So lets say you sign up a business under you and they end up selling some Gobza offers, you will get a percentage of what they sold.

The way it works is that Gobza.com is an “invitation only” site.  When you get an invitation and sign up, then you get a specific link to share with others.  When someone signs up under your link, they are added to your 1st Wave.  Anyone they sign up is then added to your 2nd wave.  You can get commission on up to 4 waves.  Think of the possibilities.

Well, if you are as excited as I am about this, I am inviting you to sign up under my link.


If you want to learn more about Gobza, here are some good links…




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