Marketing Tips Part 1

It is a new year…time to take stock of what worked and didn’t work last year in our business. As I have been looking forward to a new and fulfilling year, I have been doing research on marketing tips and ideas to implement. There are going to be a lot of parts…I would recommend you copying and pasting the tips into a Word document and color coding each item…

color 1 – items to implement immediately or soon

color 2 – ideas to implement, but not quite yet

color 3 – already implementing

color 4 – don’t want to implement (optional)

This way you can see your progress throughout the year. You can organize it however you like to, but as a creative type, I love the color-coding :-).

Marketing Tips: This group focuses on educating your clients and prospective clients. When you become an “expert” in their eyes, they will turn to you more and more and recommend you to their colleagues.

1. Offer free information brochures/articles in your store or on your website.

2. Keep your information simple and understandable so your customers can easily grasp the knowledge you have for them.

3. Send your customers a newsletter (mail and/or email)

4. Participate in a trade show, get a booth or at least attend them and talk to people. Make sure you have something to hand out…business cards, stickers, brochures that let people know about your business.

5. Send your customers holiday or birthday cards.

6. Send your customers hand written letters.

7. Help further your customers knowledge by sending them tips/ideas/advice.

8. Send informational brochures when a new product or service that they may be interested in comes out.

I hope some of these were helpful for you. We will have many more marketing tips coming soon! Stay posted.  Do you have any marketing ideas that have worked for you?

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