Mattress Mill – Bozeman, MT

I am starting a new section in my blog – Featured Businesses!  Whenever I experience or hear of a great business doing great things, I am going to start featuring them on my blog.  Please make an effort to support those businesses who go the extra mile with their quality and integrity!  If you have any recommendations, please let me know.  Thank you!!


My parents just recently moved to Bozeman and were searching for mattresses for their guest rooms.  They love shopping local and supporting small businesses – since my mom and I both own small businesses ourselves.

They were on a hunt for mattresses at a certain budget and decided to run by Mattress Mill on Huffine Lane in Bozeman.  My parents ended up buying 2 mattresses from them because they were so pleased with the service!  A few things that were so impressive about Mattress Mill…

  • Knowledgeable salespeople – shared the pros & cons for each mattress in my parent’s budget
  • “No-pressure” sales
  • Recommendations exactly fit their budget – no “up-selling”
  • Locally made and produced – my parents were actually able to see where their mattresses were being made
  • Free delivery
  • Satisfaction guarantee & 10 year warranty
My mom was dreading going mattress hunting, but their trip turned out to be more pleasant than either of them imagined…thanks to the professionalism and respectful nature of the salespeople at Mattress Mill!

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