What people are saying about Gobza

“We’re in with Gobza. We see it as a unique, free way to help all our clients with free advertising that will get them more sales. It can also generate additional income for their businesses just for passing on their trackable links.”
~ Bill Fisher, Sysco Foods Central Texas Division President

“We have signed onto Gobza. It is the easiest way to create funding for our school I have every seen. Best of all it’s free. This is going to revolutionize fundraising not just for private schools but for just about any organization or non profit. However, what really excites me as that in the process of passing GOBZA along we help every alumnus and every student and every teacher and every parent associated with Loyola College Prep. They do nothing but pass it along as well and they too can reap the benefits. It’s never been done so I urge you to take in the webinar and learn more.”
~ John H. LeBlanc, Director of Advancement at Loyola College Prep in Shreveport, Louisiana

“The Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame is in with Gobza. What an incredible way to raise money! It’s free and it’s powerful”
~ Lisa Babin, Louisiana Sports Hall of Fame


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