Brand Strategy Questionnaire

Here at Concept, we believe that brand strategy is an invaluable tool that every business should invest in. We see value in brand strategy for both new businesses, who are finding their identity, as well as established businesses who are wanting to refine their identity. Brand strategy is a foundation that all other marketing is built upon and can greatly increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.

We look forward to starting this brand journey with you!

  • This is the fun, brainstorm phase! For us to be able to market your brand effectively, we need to know what makes it tick: values, history, target audience and more. These questions help us get to know you so we can refine your brand’s unique personality. Feel free to include anything you think we need to know about your brand, maybe there’s a photo you can’t live without or a color scheme you’ve always resonated with. The more you include, the better. We’re excited to get started!
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