Marketing Concepts 101

Whether your business is well established or hasn’t sold its first product, creating a fresh marketing plan is the first step toward future success. Here we lay out three of the fundamental concepts that we use to help our clients succeed with their marketing objectives.

1. Understand the Market

A good marketing plan starts with understanding the market in which you operate:
What is the demand for your products or services?
How much competition is there, and how do you compare?
Has your business established a reputation within your industry, and does it match with what you want it to be?

2. Understand Your Customer

By analyzing the buyer and the journey for each type of product or service you provide, you can develop a plan to reach them where they are at. A good marketing plan is all about connecting customers with what they need.
What does your ideal customer look like?
How easy is it for potential customers to find your business?
What information can you provide them with to make informed decisions about purchasing your products or services?

3. Establish Goals and Strategies

What are your goals for growth over the next 12 months? What kind of marketing budget can you establish to help you reach your goals? These goals should be measurable and realistic.

Your strategy for completing your goals should incorporate the unique skillset and personality of your company. It should also be informed by what you know about your customers. Lastly, the best channels for marketing your business should be identified. This is where everything comes together: How can your business put unique products and services in front of the right customer and product a profitable return on investment?

How can we help?

Every business or organization can benefit from an outside perspective. We love to partner with your business or organization to identify your unique opportunities and challenges, and to create custom solutions.

Let’s get in touch if any of the following could help your business:

  • Updating company branding and identity
  • Establishing a marketing plan
  • New customer acquisition
  • Increased company visibility
  • Creating marketing metrics
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