SEO Basic

In all of our website projects, we always include what we call “SEO Basic”. This service can mean different things for different projects, as we understand that website needs are different. We find that our SEO Basic can fall into two categories:

SEO Basic

Existing Websites – SEO Transition

In our projects where we are rebuilding a current website, SEO basic is aimed towards ensuring that the current organic traffic for the site is properly transferred. This means that we are going into the new site and optimizing for the old site’s content to make sure that we do not lose any current rankings or traffic. Getting organic traffic to a website is hard work, so we want to make sure that effort is not lost on your new website.

New Websites – Basic SEO Setup

With new websites, things change a little bit. As there is no information to transfer over, our goal is to establish a framework that will set you up to acquire some organic traffic in the future, with your most important keyword/phrase. For this, we make sure that keyword/phrase is present in the most important areas of your site.

If you are wanting to focus more on Search Engine Optimization than just the “basics”, then view our premium options below…

SEO Premium

If interested in an ongoing SEO service, we also offer SEO Premium packages. These packages offer  different levels of plans, from small scale to aggressive plans. Depending on your goals with the program, we can decide on what seems to be the best option for you. We measure success through a data-driven process of driving new potential customers to your website. Services may include keyword research (for 10, 20 or more keyphrases), performance tracking and reporting, strategy development, on-page SEO updates, site performance updates, customer persona development, technical SEO optimization, and content strategy. 

These packages are built for ongoing optimization and improvement so that each month of SEO work builds on the previous months. SEO is a long-game for getting your site more organic traffic and improving search rankings. It pairs nicely with our PPC and other digital marketing services that focus on faster onsite traffic.

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