Website Redevelopment – Is It Time to Redesign Your Website?

Is your business website due for an upgrade?

How can your site benefit from a redesign/redevelopment?

What’s the difference between a redesign and a redevelopment?


A refresh is when you’re changing the design elements of the site but not the core of the site. This would include things like changing the visual elements of the home page and adding more content. We often call this a “reskin” because the framework stays the same but we’re making it more visually appealing. For example, the look & feel of the site gets updated with a new colors and fonts, or small user flow tweaks are added to individual page templates. This is usually possible when the site has been built within the last few years.


Redesigning a site is necessary when you need to change both the code structure of the site and the design elements. When new functionality and design are needed, we assess the structure of the website to determine whether or not any major redevelopment is needed. It is often necessary when the site has been built more than 4-5 years ago.

Website trends, technology, and functionality change rapidly. Design trends can change a lot even within a year. A 4-5 year old website is like a 15-20 year old car. It’s not surprising when older cars have issues.

Here are some questions to ask on whether you’re ready for a website redesign or refresh?

  • Design may look and feel outdated.
  • Functionality could be streamlined/improved for better customer experience or better resources for your sales team.
  • Your site isn’t designed for a great mobile experience for your customers.
  • Your conversions aren’t as high as you’d like them to be.
  • Your organic traffic could use some improvement with some focus on SEO.


Design trends and coding techniques change rapidly in the world of websites. Here’s how your site can benefit from a fresh look.

Modern Design

  • Interactive elements (scroll effects, pop-ups, etc.)
  • Use improved web technologies for images, videos, and layouts
  • Modern browser, device, and internet technology compatibility

Improved User Experience

  • All our sites are built with the latest WordPress and coding standards, meaning faster and more reliable site presentation and load speeds
  • Navigation, layout, and mobile usability
  • Seamless integration of lead conversion and analytics
  • Easier to update sites for your marketing team

Up-to-date SEO best practices

  • We build with SEO in mind from the start allowing you to make sure that you are reaching potential customers
  • We analyze all content to identify areas in need of cleanup – broken links, slow-loading images, non-indexed content
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