What Sets Us Apart

We get this question often…Why should we use you when there are so many options out there?  These are some of my answers to their questions…

General Info: We are a one-stop marketing studio/boutique. We do everything from marketing consultations, design, printing, signs, website development, promotional products and clothing/apparel. We pair small-town customer service with efficient business systems so that you feel cared for personally while also knowing that you are in capable hands.

We partner with small businesses, saving you time and money by having a single company you call for all of your marketing needs. We keep great records which means you can make a simple phone call or email and say, “I need some more shirts like last time”​. We get it done and let you know when its ready. You are assured of consistent branding and high quality products every time. Our goal is long-term relationships with our clients so our goal is to make you happy with every product. If there’s ever a time when you aren’t happy, we make it right. My passion is to help businesses reach their potential, and my employees have that same passion and carry it out every day.

Budget: We are not always the cheapest but we guarantee our work.  If budget is your number one priority, getting products the cheapest that you can, then maybe we are not the company for you.  But if quality and a guarantee that you are getting the best product, then we are a great choice.  We price all of our products based on the idea that every product leaves our studio perfectly.  We rarely make mistakes but if that does happen, we make it right!

Understanding your business:  Our goal is to create long-term working relationships with our clients.  We don’t really care about getting a single job without ever seeing you again.  We make sure that we have the knowledge, attention to detail and the product quality to keep you coming back to use our services.  There are many times when a new product comes out or we run across a new marketing idea that we share with our customers that it would pertain too.  We are always thinking about our clients and how we can get their business to the next level.  Sometimes we have multiple people in a single industry as our clients.  The reason we like to get to know your business so well is because we can tailor our marketing ideas and products exactly to your business.  No two businesses are the same, even if they are in the same industry.  We never make the same recommendations to two businesses based on the fact that they are in the same industry.  We only make our recommendations based on their specific niche.

Marketing Expertise: Yes, a lot of companies make signs, print business cards, design websites, etc.  We are not the only company that does this.  There are three main things that set us apart.

  • One is that we do all of those things under one roof.  We work with your business as a whole so that you have a single marketing partner that oversees all of your products/services.
  • Second, we look at your business as whole and make recommendations to that end.  Sure you can get your signs here and your business cards there, but we have seen all too often that there isn’t any brand consistency.  One place makes your logo look like this, another makes it look like that.  Consistent branding is one of the most important factors in effective marketing.  Logo recognition is pivotal to a growing business and you can’t have that without consistency.  We look at your business from a marketing perspective instead of a product perspective.  We will make recommendations that we think will make your marketing products more effective, so we aren’t just producing the actual products, we are looking at the big picture.
  • Thirdly, we are affordable for any budget.  Yes, we may not always have the cheapest product, but we are still extremely affordable.  Our design fees are reasonable and our designers are efficient and amazing.  We offer a wide variety of promotional products for any budget.  Usually we can give you many different options based on  your budget.  We can give you amazing logos, signs, marketing ideas, promotional products, websites, etc. for a price that is affordable and worthwhile!  We take the extra time to make sure you are getting exactly what you want/need.

We hope you will take the time to get to know our business in the hopes that we can get to know your business as well!  We also offer 30 minute FREE marketing consultations once a year to any business.  This is a no pressure, marketing meeting to look at your business, give you ideas of effective ways to market (from free to more extensive).  Many small businesses appreciate this because they need some expert advice but it is a big step and they may worry about being “pressured” into spending a ton of money.  Our goal is for you to walk away with valuable information, whether or not you end up using us. We do this to help your business and to give you a taste of our expertise. It is also a time for us to see whether you are a good fit for our business.

We look forward to working with you and taking your business to the next level!

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